Two minors hospitalized after being run over

Wednesday June 22, 2022 | 9:02 a.m.

Two girls ended up in the hospital after being run over while trying to cross a road and a street in two towns. The last case happened yesterday morning on Provincial Route 103, when Fernanda M. (12) was trying to cross the road behind a service station in Villa Bonita.

The minor was urgently transferred to the Samic Hospital in Oberá after being run over minutes after 10 by a car commanded by Alberto Z. (39) on the provincial artery, at the height of the Acaragüá stream bridge.

The vehicle was traveling in the direction of Colonia Acaraguá-Villa Bonita and the reason for the accident is still under investigation.

According to the medical report, the girl suffered a fracture of the left tibia and a left lamellar subdural hematoma, this is a collection of blood between two membranes that cover the brain, for which it will require more than 30 days of healing.

The other case was recorded on Friday afternoon when a motorcyclist who was traveling along San Martín Street, intersection of Libertad Street, in San Javier, hit three girls who were trying to cross the street.

After the collision, the worst part was taken by Tatiana S. (7), since she suffered an open fracture in her left leg and, after being checked at the local hospital, she was referred to the Posadas Pediatric Hospital, where she underwent surgery on Saturday , for which he remains hospitalized.

For her part, Abril G. (9) suffered a head injury with a hematoma in the right occipital region, in one arm and one leg. On the other hand, the minor who was a passenger on the motorcycle, Kevin (8), suffered multiple abrasions, as did the driver, Yonatan A. (21).

The Territory attempted to contact the latter, but received no positive responses.

As a result of this incident, this morning he spoke with Juana Da Silva, Tatiana’s mother, who reported that “that day the girls had a rehearsal in the folklore workshop, I always take them, but that day I couldn’t so they went with my daughter older than 17 years”.

Regarding the moment of impact, according to her testimony, her eldest daughter told her that they do not know where the motorcycle came from, since they did not see or hear anything when they crossed.

“When it appeared, it took the creatures ahead generating this in my daughter, luckily my nieces are fine. It is very sad to go through this because of an irresponsible person who even had a child as a companion who was also hit a lot with the fall, I do not want to imagine what could have happened with my daughter, it could have been worse, “she asserted.

Juana assured that the young man did not approach to apologize when they crossed paths at the San Javier hospital. “I ask for more traffic control in San Javier and that action be taken with this person, otherwise he will do the same thing again,” she concluded.

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