Two months before the World Cup, the tips of Panini sticker enthusiasts to avoid breaking the bank

967 euros. This is the average sum Panini sticker collectors would have to spend to get, without any exchange, all 682 thumbnails of the 2022 World Cup album. A calculation based on researches already carried out on the occasion of the 2018 World Cup in Russia by Professor Paul Harper, mathematician at Cardiff University.

Updated for this year’s edition, the study shows that you should buy 4,832 of these self-adhesive images of footballers on average to complete his album because of duplicates. At the rate of five stickers per pocket, this gives a total of 967 one-euro packets to open.

“We are in contact with a lot of collectors, but they never spend so much on our albums”believes however Isabelle Fillon, marketing manager of Panini France. Fortunately, stamp enthusiasts are used to exchanging their treasures, in particular to reduce the bill.

Compared to the 2018 World Cup, won by the French team, Panini has increased the price of its five-sticker packs by ten cents, from 90 cents to one euro each. The price was already in place for the Euro 2020 album.

“It is a reflection that is made in relation to the evolution of the market and the various costs that we must realize at home: the price of acquisition of the licenses that we market, the price of the paper, the salariesexplains Isabelle Fillon. But we also offer promotional offers with free pockets inside the big boosters to erase this increase per unit..

This collector has been chaining Panini albums since the 1982 World Cup. (Arnaud Fermin)

What does the price matter for Arnaud Fermin, passionate about Panini stickers since the 1982 World Cup in Spain. He has already started his book well for the World Cup in Qatar. “I only have 99 stickers left to find.” If he started by buying clutches in supermarkets, this collector prefers to be careful to better manage his daily budget in a context of inflation. “I organize myself according to my cash flow every month. Recently I took a box of 100 pockets for a hundred euros because it was payable in four instalments. In total, I must be around 200 euros spent. That’s already not bad.”

But collectors can often count on each other to reach the end of their albums. Zouhair took the fold when he was very young. “At the time, there was no internet, so Paninis were one of the only ways to prepare for a World Cuphe explains wistfully. I remember the negotiations in the playground before the 1998 World Cup. Some had notepads to mark the duplicates.

To rediscover the pleasure of yesteryear, this 30-year-old teamed up with a dozen friends. Watchword ? Mutual aid. “My brother-in-law had spent 500 euros on the 2018 World Cup album, so this time we are aiming for efficiency”, says Zouhair. Each time one of them opens a pocket, he writes down the cards obtained on a shared Excel, so that the others know where to turn to recover the ones they miss. “Then we sit down with beers all together on the terrace and we start talking.” The exchange, a practice that Panini does not see with a bad eye, quite the contrary.

Our slogan is: “Open. Share. Exchange.” Moreover, we have an application that allows us to connect collectors. It’s something we encourage people to do.

Isabelle Fillon, Marketing Director of Panini France

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The brand has even released an application for this purpose: the Panini Collectors. Its principle? Scan his list of duplicates and share it with other users to facilitate exchanges. But dedicated groups hand-to-hand transactions have also sprung up on Facebook.

Although Panini has chosen to feature 18 players for each of the 32 countries represented at the World Cup, rather than 26, in an effort to reduce the number of stamps and make it easier for collectors, “very rare are those who finish the album” according to Isabelle Fillon.

When to open so many packages to get his 19 last cards only to find, almost, the first 600 – according to the probabilities calculated by Paul Harper – the marketing director of Panini France reminds us that the few diehards will be able to get their missing stickers online around mid-October.

Arnaud Fermin has never completed his in 2018. “I was missing a few yes, but I had my favorite player: Olivier Giroud. This year, no Giroud in the Qatar album but the AC Milan striker is still in the official photo of the reigning world champions. “It’s all that matters”, for Arnaud.

The World Cup collection may be the only series available in the 120 countries where Panini is established, the success of the 2022 album in France will depend, as often, on the result of the Blues. Especially since it is the first time since the launch of the Panini World Cup in 1970 that a sale for a World Cup takes place at this time of year.

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