Two new offshoots of Crash Bandicoot are said to be in development

Crash Bandicoot has made a real comeback in recent years. Players got remakes of the three classic titles with the N.Sane Trilogy, racing game fans got a remake of Crash Team Racing with Nitro Fueled, and of course there was a brand new spin-off with Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time. Since the new title was released in 2020, however, the series has been quite quiet again, which is why some fans feared it would be the end of Crash Bandicoot again.

Two new Crash Bandicoot titles in development – rumour

As it stands, however, the Crash series could have a pretty bright future ahead of it. At least according to the Twitter users and leakers TheRealInsider wants to believe. He shared some rumors in the past that ultimately turned out to be true. So for Crash fans, the information offers a little reason for hope.

According to TheRealInsider, there are currently two new Crash Bandicoot titles in the works. As early as June this year, journalist Jez Corden claimed that a new multiplayer title based on Crash Bandicoot was in development. So one of the games could well be a multiplayer crash, but with the second title we are of course very hopeful that we can look forward to a successor to Crash Bandicoot 4.

Activision Blizzard is currently focusing quite heavily on their popular Call of Duty shooter series. With a new offshoot for mobile devices, Modern Warfare 2, and Warzone 2.0, the developers also have their hands full. So it’s unlikely that we’ll be expecting any official news on the Crash Bandicoot franchise too soon.

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