Two newspapers close in the United States every week, according to a study

According to Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism, Media and Communications and Integrated Marketingare the areas of the country poorer, older and less educated compared to those with better news coverage, those that do not have any trusted source of local news.

At the end of May, there were 6,377 newspapers in the United States, up from 8,891 in 2005.according to the report.

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While, 360 newspapers have closed since the end of 2019, all but 24 of them weeklies that reported to small communities.

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On the other hand, it is estimated that 75,000 journalists worked in newspapers in 2006 and currently there are 31,000according to the report of north western.

$!Several local newspapers are displayed in front of a convenience store in the Brooklyn borough of New York on June 30, 2022

Several local newspapers are displayed outside a convenience store in the Brooklyn borough of New York on June 30, 2022.

In the meantime, annual newspaper revenue of $50 billion fell by $21 billion in the same period.

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While the factors that drive the collapse of the advertising model of the industry has not changed. reinforce the digital news sector in recent years has not been sufficiently able to offset general trendsexplained Penelope Muse Abernathy, visiting professor at Medill and lead author of the report.

$!A newsstand vendor packages unsold newspapers at his stall in Times Square, New York, on October 18, 2005.

A newsstand vendor packages unsold newspapers at his stall in New York’s Times Square on October 18, 2005.

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Likewise, many of the digital sites focus on unique themes and are located in or near major cities and the philanthropic money that provides much of their fundingaccording to the report.

In this sense, news “deserts” are increasing and the report predicted that some 70 million Americans live in a county with no or only one print news outlet.

So too, the so-called traditional dailies that are printed and distributed seven days a week are declining. The report specifies that 40 of the 100 largest newspapers in the country publish digital versions at least once a week.

With information from The Associated Press Agency.

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