Two people arrested during Paludan’s election meeting in Uppsala

One of them is suspected of preparing for aggravated assault by throwing stones, and the other person is suspected of violence against an official and threats against an official.

According to police spokesman Magnus Jansson Klarin, there is no information that anyone was injured in connection with the meeting.

– In general, it went smoothly, but there were some disturbances – for shorter periods, he says.

The trains were stopped

A man who got on the train track next to the meeting place was removed by the police. It is unclear if the man is suspected of any crime. Train traffic north of Uppsala was stopped for a short period.

During the week, the police worked preventively and outreach before Rasmus Paludan’s visit.

– They have been out in several areas in Uppsala and talked to people, so that there would be no violence in connection with the meeting, says Magnus Jansson Klarin.

The organization Flamman from Malmö participated in Paludan’s meeting, and is especially thanked by the Uppsala Police for that.

In the clip below: Rafi Farouq from Flamman talks about the organization’s work in Uppsala.

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“Want to urge peace and quiet”

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