Two Point Campus: First tests are online – university life is so much fun

With Two Point Campus the release of the new work by the makers of Two Point Hospital is imminent: it will be activated on August 9th. A few days before publication, the first tests for the new economic simulation went online. For a better overview, we have compiled the reviews from the international press below – including the individual ratings. This article was based on the Website metacritic.comwhich bundles the ratings and conclusions of the portals and magazines.

Test overview for Two Point Campus

With 38 tests currently submitted, the PC version of Two Point Campus has an average rating of 84 percent. The economic simulation receives praise for the humor, a catchy control and the constantly increasing challenge. “Two Point Campus is an evolution, not a revolution. But it’s more sophisticated and considered than the hospital’s predecessor. That makes it a must-play,” writes the God is a Geek portal in the Two Point Campus test.

Our Two Point Campus test is already online. We praise a good learning curve, funny courses and varied gameplay variants, the humorous design, the sandbox mode and lots of fun. Points are deducted for the lack of key assignment options and for the fact that problems are not always logically recognizable.

“I have a lot of fun building a new university again and again, because the many different courses and the gameplay variety always offer something new. The developers manage this without major experiments, which change the formula too much and yet with enough What’s new is that it’s not just a Two Point Hospital with a new coat of paint,” writes PC Games editor Matthias Dammes in the Two Point Campus test (buy now /€35.99 ). The economic simulation appears for PC and consoles.

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