Two Point Campus test: wacky and fun management

You’ve cured the world’s weirdest diseases and trashed your patients in Two Point Hospital, but you still want more? Good news, the start of the school year will be ahead this year: the English studio Two Point returns on August 9, 2022 with Two Point Campus, which this time puts us at the head of a university.

If you have played Two Point Hospitalthe start of the new school year will be smooth on campus. Two Point Campus is still a management game that doesn’t bother with any frills, and looks like two drops of water to its predecessor: at each level you will be given a field, a budget and objectives to complete to win one, two or three stars and unlock the next levels. Where it was a question of curing patients suffering from verbal diarrhea whose head turns into a pot in Two Point Hospitalthis new episode asks us to house, feed and teach students in a whole bunch of fields ranging from cooking school to magic school.

Exactly as was the case for its big brother, each level of the game is thought of as a puzzle. A university usually focuses on one or two courses and sometimes brings with them some constraints on the ground, such as warmer temperatures, limited space or budgetary constraints. But during the first half hour of each level, we are interested in the fundamentals anyway. Provide enough beds in the university residence hall to accommodate the students, give them the impression of eating well by slipping a vegetable stand among the vending machines. The smell becomes unbearable in the dorms? Maybe deign to build them a bathroom where they can shower and brush their teeth.

Two Point Campus // Source: screenshot

A campus must therefore be able to house students while providing them with classrooms to study properly. The first levels require fairly standard buildings, but soon enough, our universities will be joined by jousting grounds, potion rooms or gadget laboratories, which are essential for spy schools. We quickly realize that Two Point Campus does not have to be ashamed of the sense of humor of his eldest, and that he intends to make us live courses that are not ordinary. Each event, each new training or new element unlocked will be an opportunity to giggle stupidly in front of a joke hidden in a description, or to be ecstatic watching for the first time his little students come alive in a classroom. The visual atmosphere of Two Point Campus hit the bullseye once again, resuming the style grotesque modeling clay who had been hailed in hospital. It’s cute, and it moves so well that we sometimes spend more time zooming in on our students to scrutinize their actions rather than installing the microwave they’ve been asking for for five months.

Accessible management

Once you are familiar with the atmosphere of the game and the basic systems, the tutorial will gradually focus on more advanced mechanics that it will gradually introduce over the levels. The second great strength of Two Point Campus lies in its ability to quietly lead us towards micromanagement, without rushing or flooding the player with tons of statistics and things to monitor. There are almost as many things to manage outside as inside our university, and the star reward system allows you to adjust the goals you want to set for yourself. For example, it is generally possible to do well in a level by thinking about the layout of its rooms or the decoration of the university, and by monitoring its budget enough not to end up in the red. at the end of the month. That’s the basis.

Two Point Campus
Two Point Campus // source: screenshot

But, as in Two Point Hospital, the levels here are designed to be covered for several hours before moving on to the next one, and each new star to be unlocked will be a new layer of difficulty to manage. Very quickly, for example, it will be necessary to ensure that the average of our establishment does not drop below a B+. We then have several possibilities: provide students with the tools they require to study (yeah), help late students with private lessons and support sessions (meh) or, probably the best possibility, exclude campus for students who fail to pass the average. As a bonus, it’s practical. We save a lot of time while only losing a few thousand euros in tuition fees, which we can quickly replenish by lowering wages or firing a few employees. What do you want, you don’t win the title of best campus five years in a row by letting students fight or cast spells in the hallways. You have to give yourself the means.

A better designed interface on Two Point Hospital

Thanks to an interface better thought out than on Two Point Hospital, one can easily navigate through staff members and students, assigning several favorite darlings to track down easily, or sending some of them to private lessons. A research lab also unlocks a ton of upgrades and extra items to furnish classrooms, and a training room even gives staff members the chance to gain skills, to work faster, repair objects or increase the happiness of people around them. A better trained teacher will teach students faster and more effectively, ensuring better grades. A quick detour through the stats menu shows that there are a whole host of gauges and factors to take into account to ensure the well-being of its occupants, and good news, there is usually more than one way to do so. achieve it.

Two Point Campus
Two Point Campus // Source: SEGA

College of knots

You know it as we do: studies are above all a succession of disappointments, nights to revise in a room at the Crous and panini-cola menus at 4 euros. But Two Point Campus reminds the sad souls that we are that schooling is also a set of stories, encounters, sometimes love affairs, and countless memories of lessons skipped to go play table football in the student hall. A university, it lives with its students and it is a feeling on which Two Point Studios managed to pinpoint by provoking a whole bunch of events within the campus. Students can befriend, fall in love, get sick, and even hurt themselves, as they practice for their cheeseball assessment. Each course brings a particular group of students (goths, knights, clowns, sportsmen, etc.) who can interact with their peers and create conflicts, which must be resolved by hiring qualified personnel or by distracting them with a concert organized in the party hall. A few competitions, surprise inspections and award ceremonies will also punctuate the years of lessons, which pass much faster than you might think. Having happy students and a recognized campus requires knowing how to manage your budget well to fill every gap in the program and avoid boring your residents.

Two Point Campus
Poule-de-Lard University // Source: SEGA

The game also encourages us to create these little stories by offering to mix several courses within the same university, if finances and training points (obtained by improving the campus) allow it. This is what brings in the most money in the long term, but it is also what requires managing quite specific needs – with the obligation to fit circles into squares. From a simple cooking school offering both sweet and savory training, you can find yourself at the head of a prestigious music school which also gives virtual reality lessons and trains its students in archaeological digs. Believe us, we have rarely seen more original than a dormitory where a spy, a knight and a scientist live with his robot dog.

Each of the twelve universities plays out in a slightly different way, offering particular architecture like the Freshleigh Meadows canal, introducing us to the witch who cursed the Baconhen campus or inviting waves of invaders from competing universities to trash hand dryers in restrooms. And it must be admitted, the very well done construction mode gives everyone the tools necessary to build the university of dreams with great blows of drag and drop and copy and paste. Nevertheless, we will not be taken away from the idea that it would have been possible to think of a system of rating the rooms a little more complex than simply ‘laying fifteen carpets in a room and covering the walls with posters to have the maximum score ‘. Decoration and furnishing usually consist of a stupid room filling to see a gauge climb until it no longer has room to circulate between the tables, and this is undoubtedly one of the mechanics that could have been reworked since Two Point Hospital. We might have liked to have had to adapt the decoration to the theme of a campus, or see ourselves penalized if we use the same objects all the time.

Two Point Campus
Two Point Campus // Source: SEGA

Despite these few redundant aspects and the last hours which can sometimes pull towards the grind as long as we race for three starsTwo Point Campus remains a superb management game that has solid arguments to occupy us for several dozen hours – to optimize each university, discover all the courses or simply have fun creating the most abominable of schools in sandbox mode. The story can be spread over a good twenty hours and, once the last campus is unlocked, the adventure will only begin for the most creative. And what’s more, no excuses: the game is available in the Xbox Game Pass as soon as it launches.

The verdict

It’s hard to talk about risk-taking when you’re almost texting the damn effective recipe of Two Point Hospital, but who cares: Two Point Campus manages to adapt its formula to student life while keeping its sense of humor, its accessibility and enough depth in the mechanics to keep the most valiant headmasters busy. Apart from the beginnings of a little redundant level and a little filling side in the construction of the rooms, Two Point Campus manages to reconcile us with student life and for that, it comes out of it with honors.

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