Two renowned Ashtanga Yoga teachers arrive in Argentina

In an event long awaited by the community that follows this ancient discipline, Spanish ashtanga yoga masters José Carballal and Rafael Martínez will arrive in Argentina to toast, between October 19 and 23 nexta series of courses and conferences on the technique that they perfected in their country.

The members of the Mysore House Madrid, where they teach their own style, They will be presented during those days at the Ashtanga Yoga Palermo, located on Malabia Street at 1346, the school directed by the Argentine Calu Cuadrado.

First, they will lead a workshop in which they will share their knowledge, focused on deepening and promoting self-knowledge and the development of consciousness through Mysore practices, thus transmitting the teachings of the Indian master R. Sharath Jois.

Jose Carballal and Rafael Martinez

This meeting will have a limited quota of 50 practitioners, so those interested must register in advance through the social networks of Ashtanga Yoga Palermo.

In addition, both will lead a conference that will be focused on the importance of breathing as an indispensable resource for the balance of the mind and on the sutras for modern life, with spaces for questions and answers.

Yoga is an ancient spiritual discipline originating in India and based on a practice that aims at the harmony of mind and body. In fact, the word yoga has its roots in the Sanskrit language, yuj which means “to unite.”

José Carballal, Master of Ashtanga Yoga

Who are the teachers who will lead the event

José Carballal started practicing yoga in 2000, and ashtanga yoga a year later. In 2002 she traveled for the first time to Mysore, India, to study with his continuing teacher, R Sharath Jois, current holder of this lineage. Currently, he travels to that city every year to perfect his technique.

He has official authorization from his teacher to teach the first and second series of Ashtanga yoga, and maintains a strong community in Madrid with his Mysore House Madrid school.

According to a brief description that he shared, his main objective in sharing this practice is to “promote deep self-knowledge and the development of consciousness, which have helped him so much to transform his life, and for this he unites his own experience with the useful tools of gestalt therapy.

Rafael Martínez, Master of Ashtanga Yoga

Rafael Martínez, Master of Ashtanga Yoga

For its part, Rafael Martínez learned about the practice of Ashtanga yoga from the hand of his partner Carballal in 2005. Since then, he has remained constant in practice throughout these years, accompanying him in a continuous learning process.

In 2012 he made his first trip to Mysore to learn with Sharath Jois, a teacher of this method. He received authorization from him to teach the first series of this discipline, which he does at Mysore House Madrid, the school he founded together with Jose.

According to his description, “he is interested in uniting Western science with the practice of Yoga and in understanding how both are nourished and enriched”having neuroscience and breathing as “his two areas of study” and trying to “apply what he has learned in his personal practice and in the work with his students”.

The Ashtanga Yoga Palermo center, led by Calu Cuadrado, has already been the scene of important events in the field of this discipline. Also, just a few months ago, the director of this establishment, together with more than 60 Argentine institutions, inaugurated the AYUSH Information Center at the Embassy of India.

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