Two-time champions! Review the one to one of Colo Colo against Everton

Brayan Cortes: Great first half. At 12 ‘he was attentive to go out to shrink in a hand in hand. In addition, he had a superb cover to a changed hand after a shot from outside the area. In the complement he was a mere spectator.

Oscar Opazo: Although he did not go on the attack many times, when he managed to do it he was able to make a difference due to his speed. In general, they did not bother him for his band, even more so in the second half where the Cacique was the owner of the shares. He managed to guarantee solidity on the right.

Maximiliano Falcon: Great level of the Wig, especially in the first half, where it was good in aerial duels and in coverage. He did not give spaces to the Viñamarinos forwards. In the complement, there were no complications with Love.

Emiliano Love: Correct game of both centrals, they manage to consolidate in a good way. In general, they did not bother him, but he was confident in the coverage. However, a hand within the area could change everything, but it did not happen to majors.

Gabriel Suazo placeholder image: Although he had a discreet first half, where he failed many deliveries, he did not have much defensive work. In the second period he was solid, having more precision in the passes and there were not many arrivals by his side.

Bryan Soto: One of the best this afternoon. He showed personality and character. Good when going to bite to recover the ball and also going to the ground. With the ball at his feet he made good decisions.

Vicente Pizarro: It did not come into play so much, but it had a correct performance. Clear and neat in delivery and always well positioned to intercept the ball. He was replaced by Cruz at the beginning of the add-on.

Leonardo Gil: He had a low first half, where he was very imprecise and lost a series of balls. In the complement after the change of scheme, he managed to consolidate in his usual position and was able to raise his level.

hefty milestones: He did not show the game that we are used to. In the first time it went unnoticed and failed many deliveries. And in the complement he managed to overflow a couple of times, he even had a hand in hand after a pass from Parraguez, but his shot was very blocked.

Javier Parraguez: In the first half he could not enter the game because no balls reached him. The only one he had was a header but his shot was very weak. In the second half he was more active and after a clearance by Falcón he managed to occupy his physique well to win the position and assist in the opening of the account to Solari. He also had a good carrerón to give it to Bolados but he finished bitten. Show the desire you have.

Pablo Solari: Without a doubt it was the figure. Daring, fast and eager to face. In the first half he had two good dangerous situations, in one he finished very weak and in the other he overflowed to get a center from Parraguez. In the second half he continued with that attitude and scored the opening of the account after assistance from Buffalo. Keep showing your good present.

El Cacique won and reached his third Copa Chile star. Source: Guillermo Salazar.

Gustavo Quinteros decided to move the scheme to seek victory and it brought him results. The first modification came when I was going to start the plugin, where Joan Cruz replaced Vicente Pizarro. Al 74′ Cesar Fuentes replaced Pablo Solari. And when the engagement ended they entered Bruno Gutierrez, Ignacio Jara and Luciano Arriagada, instead of Oscar Opazo, Bryan Soto and Javier Parraguez.

Joan Cruz: What income. Participative, always showing off and with personality. This attitude led him to dare to shoot from almost 30 meters and scored a real goal that put the final 2-0. This goal was the first to become professionalism, and in what way.

Cesar Fuentes: Entered to give more freshness to the middle of the field and ensure the result when Everton was looking for the discount.

Bruno Gutierrez: He did not get into play because he entered when the game was already expiring.

Ignacio Jara: Entered to give rest to an exhausted Bryan Soto.

Luciano Arriagada: Did not participate.

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