Two years ago, Esteban Paredes became a Chilean soccer legend

October 5, 2019 is a date that was recorded in the history of Chilean football and especially in Esteban Efraín Paredes Quintanilla. It is that that day, the then captain of Colo Colo converted the 2-1 partial against Universidad de Chile and became the top scorer Chilean soccer by converting his 216 goal, which surpassed the record held by Francisco “Chamaco” Valdés.

It was a Saturday afternoon in a match corresponding to date 23 of the National Championship where at 65 minutes, where after receiving a pass from Pablo Mouche, Walls with a subtle touch at the entrance of the small area defeated the university goalkeeper Fernando de Paul and unleashed the madness in the Monumental, since it was the 2-1 partial in the 3-2 victory that the Eternal Champion achieved in the Superclásico.

The celebration was full of emotions. Pareces first celebrated it with the entire Colo Colo campus and then he went to the Cordillera sector where his children, Esteban and Vicente, were waiting for him, with whom he merged in an emotional hug on the Monumental lawn.

Minutes later, the “Tank” and at that point, the top scorer in Chilean football, was replaced and saw from the bench how Julio Barroso scored the winning goal against the classic rival at 95 ‘and then the party came at the Monumental .

Paredes received a Golden booty, the t-shirts with the number “216” came out, an emotional video where “Chamaco” Valdés spoke to Paredes and took the ball from the goal and a piece of net from the south arch of the Monumental, place where was the historical both.

Two years have passed since that beautiful day, where Paredes inscribed his name at the top and became a legend of Chilean football.

Paredes celebrated with his children. (Photo: Agency One)

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