Two young men suspected of stealing almost 10 motorcycles in recent weeks fell

Thursday, November 25, 2021 | 1:51 PM.

Two young men accused of stealing at least five motorcycles in recent weeks were arrested after procedures carried out by the Police in the last hours.

According to what was recorded by sources consulted by this newspaper, the last procedure was carried out yesterday afternoon, in the vicinity of the collector of the former provincial route 213 and Chacho Peñaloza street.

In that place, the investigations of the Investigations Division of the Regional Unit I of the Police located Matías Agustín DA, who was subject to an arrest request ordered by the Sixth Investigating Court of Posadas in the framework of a motorcycle theft case. .

The person implicated was arrested in the middle of a public thoroughfare and from there housed in a police station where he will have to face not only one, but several causes for theft of motorcycles that are processed in Courts Six and Three of the provincial capital.

What the sources consulted indicated that he was involved did not act alone, but had an accomplice with whom – it is suspected – they stole about 10 motorcycles between October and November.

And that other accomplice is also already in custody, since he was caught during a procedure carried out on Thursday, November 11, in the San Lucas neighborhood.

The suspect was identified as Mario “Kite” P. who, when found, fled on foot and tried to hide in a weed area in the Latin America neighborhood, but could not do so and ended up arrested.

Like his alleged partner in theft, he was detained and will have to face several cases that are being processed in at least two Buenos Aires courts.

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