Typhoon Nanmadol kills several in Japan

At least four people have died in southwestern Japan as a result of typhoon Nanmadol. A government spokesman confirmed two deaths today, with two others still pending medical certification. The final number of victims could still rise.


“Nanmadol” made landfall in Kyushu, one of Japan’s main islands, on Sunday with winds of up to 234 kilometers per hour and heavy rain and continued northeast along the coast. The typhoon weakened on its way, and today the authorities downgraded it to an extratropical cyclone.

“Nanmadol” caused the heaviest damage on Kyushu. In Miyazaki Prefecture, which was particularly hard hit, more rain fell within 24 hours than it normally does within a month. There was recently searched for a missing person. In the case of two other victims, it was initially unclear whether their deaths were related to the typhoon.

In total, more than 110 people were injured. 140,000 households, mainly in Kyushu, were also without electricity. The typhoon season in Japan peaks from August to September. The country is hit by about 20 severe storms each year, followed by torrential rain that can cause sudden flooding and landslides. Three years ago, Typhoon Hagibis killed more than a hundred people.

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