Uber claims hack came from Lapsus$, likely responsible for the GTA 6 leak

Uber says the hack that took place last weekend may have been the work of the Lapsus$ hacking group, responsible for the attacks on Microsoft, Samsung and T-Mobile. More recently, the cybercriminal who stole the source code of GTA 6 and Grand Theft Auto V claims that it belongs to Lapsus$ as he mentions that he hacked into Uber not long ago.

Earlier this week, this past Monday (19), Uber clarified how Lapsus$ may have accessed the company’s internal systems. According to the statement published by the company, the attacker purchased the login data on the dark web after it was exposed via a malware-infected computer. Initially, two-factor authentication prevented the hacker group from accessing the servers, but the Uber contractor accepted the authentication request, allowing access to apps used by the company, such as Google Workspace and Slack.

Uber claims hack came from Lapsus$, likely responsible for the GTA 6 leak

Uber’s hack may have come from the Lapsus$ hacker group, likely responsible for the GTA 6 leak. Source: Oficina da Net

Although the systems and services used by Uber were actually hacked, the company claims that the hacker group was unable to access user accounts. The base code also remained untouched, according to the company. Furthermore, it was said that all identified vulnerabilities were “remedied” and that the hack was contained by limiting compromised accounts by temporarily disabling tools and resetting access to services.

The update on the incident posted on Uber’s website suggests that the damage was light. However, it shows how much companies have to invest in the continuous correction of vulnerabilities in their applications.

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