Uber starts delivering cannabis legally

Uber just made a stunning announcement in a press release. The VTC and meal delivery company is partnering with Tokyo Smoke, a Canadian chain of “coffeeshops”, stores that allow you to buy marijuana legally in certain countries.

In all, Tokyo Smoke has 50 stores in Ontario. Uber announces that it will soon be possible to order cannabis directly from its app. Concretely, it will still be necessary to show a white paw. Interested customers must in particular prove that they are of legal age when collecting their order.

Uber dares to deliver cannabis via its app, Uber Eats way

But the general route looks like what Uber Eats has set up: we choose, and, as Uber points out, “The order is prepared within an hour” to be delivered as quickly as possible. To defend this new service, Uber says that this legal and supervised delivery can make it possible to “Fight against the illegal underground market”.

According to Uber, “Over 40% of non-medical sales [de cannabis] nationwide ” are done on the black market. A shame for a country that has made the choice of legalization. However, even without the intervention of Uber Eats, the recourse of cannabis consumers to petty dealers has fallen sharply.

At the start of 2018, the illegal purchase of cannabis represented 51.3% of sales according to a statistic reported by 7 out of 7. Against only 35.4% at the end of 2020. Obviously, the delivery of cannabis by Uber drivers and couriers remains impossible in France, where the purchase, possession, consumption and sale of cannabis remains completely illegal and punishable by prison.

Uber has also said nothing about other markets in which it operates where the sale and consumption of cannabis is either 100% legal or tolerated. So Uber customers in much of the United States, or closer to us in Europe in the Netherlands, are not yet eligible for this service – and there is no question that this will change for the moment.

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Moreover, in most countries where recreational cannabis has been legalized or decriminalized, it remains strictly prohibited to sell it by mail order. Which seems to make Canada, for Uber, a unique place to experience this service.



By: Uber Technologies

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