Ubisoft set to announce Child of Light sequel soon

In 2014, Ubisoft Montreal delivered a visually unique action-RPG, Child of Light, a title that stands out even more today from the productions of the French giant. After several years of teasing, a sequel could soon emerge.

A few months after its release, Ubisoft estimated that the pretty Child of Light had proved “profitable enough to be able to finance a sequel”, a promise which had gradually fallen into oblivion, all the more so when the journalist Jason Schreier recounted in detail the contempt of No. 2 Serge Hascoët for heroines last year.

The Conqueror of Light

However, the idea of ​​a new episode seemed to come into the news from time to time. In 2015, Patrick Plourde, the creative director of the first episode, already explained that the magical universe should be able to expand, but this promise had finally taken the form of a digital book: Reginald the Great.

It was not until 2018 that an image still posted by Patrick Plourde does not explicitly evoke a Child of Light II, a site however denied a few months later by the person concerned:

I don’t know if a Child of Light 2 is in production, Ubisoft is a big company, but I’m not working on it.

Things are getting a little more precise today, while the same artistic director (decidedly) takes the floor again, and draws a semblance of a calendar:

Child of Light fans, I just want to let you know that Thomas Rellus just sent in the latest posting regarding Aurora and Igniculus’ next big adventure. Expect some news early next year.

The development of Child of Light II would therefore have indeed followed its course, and would even be sufficiently advanced for Ubisoft to start talking about it very officially next year. It would seem all the same that Patrick Plourde had his say, and we can also expect to find the singular paw of Thomas Rollus in this second episode.

While waiting for the official announcement, the case still seems well under way …

What do you hope for Child of Light II? What memories do you keep of the first episode? Let us know your musings in the comments below.

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