Ubisoft’s monkey-in-outer-space games aren’t dead

This year it is 14 years since Ubisoft confirmed that they were working on the development of a sequel to the cult classic Beyond Good and Evil, but now it has been a long time without news from the ambitious successor.

The game isn’t quite dead yet though, because this week “narrative designer” Sarah Arellano announced that she has just joined the development of Beyond Good and Evil 2 – as the game’s new head writer no less. The case was first discussed by Eurogamer.net.

Arellano has previously worked on writing and designing content for, among other things, World of Warcraft and the upcoming Saints Row game, and also has experience in directing voice acting.

Long development time

We got the last proper look at Beyond Good and Evil 2 in 2018, when the developers released a half-hour long gameplay clip from the extensive action adventure. Since then, one of the leading figures behind the project, Michel Ancel, has left the ship, but he already indicated at the time that the game was still in good shape.

Exactly what Beyond Good and Evil 2 will be is still not good to know, other than that you will get to explore a number of planets in a larger solar system, and that each planet will offer tons of unique things to discover. It will also be possible to play with others. We’re thinking No Man’s Sky, only smaller and with more custom content.

Something more about how the development of the game is going and a possible launch window was not mentioned at this time.

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