Ubuntu 21.10 is released with Linux Kernel 5.13, GNOME 40 and developer improvements

One of Ubuntu’s big updates for 2021 has just arrived. The new version 21.10 is being released today with some new developments for developers, GNOME 40 and also the Linux Kernel 5.13, which already gained support for the Apple M1 in May.

First of all it is necessary to clarify that Ubuntu 21.10 is not an LTS version, so it will only receive updates for 9 months. Therefore, if you want extended support, it is recommended to use version 20.04, which offers support until April 2025.

The new Ubuntu 21.10 arrives codenamed “Impish Indri”, which makes mention of a mischievous Madagascar lemur and is expected to be the last preview before the LTS version that will be released in April 2022, the latter with support expected until 2032.

The desktop interface of Ubuntu 21.10 is GNOME 40 with support for touchpad gestures, dynamic desktops, Firefox via Snap. Speaking of apps, Canonical claims that the number of snaps in its official store has grown by 25%.

There is also support for graphical applications for the Windows Subsystem for Linux, making it even more convenient to emulate, test and develop programs.

Speaking of development, Ubuntu 21.10 still supports PHP 8 and GCC 11 natively, so just install and use.

Finally, the new Ubuntu still has Apache Cassandra as a snap package and also MicroK8s for installing Kubernetes in a simplified way. There is also Linux Kernel 5.13 with support for KFENCE (Kernel Electric Fence), a new memory error detector for production environments, with the advantage of keeping overhead low while detecting common errors.

If you want to download the new Ubuntu 21.10, just go to Canonical’s website to download it:

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