UES launches admission process for new entrants for 2023

The University of El Salvador (UES) announced to the academic community interested in participating in the new entry process for 2023, that starting this Monday, May 9, they will make the portal available https://eel.ues.edu.sv/ingresowhere a series of steps must be taken to register for the admission exam.

The academic vice-chancellor, Raúl Azcúnaga reported that This process will be available from this May 9 until September 30, 2022where those interested in entering the only public access university in El Salvador must enter their personal data, creating an account to use during the process.

At the same time, he assured that they hope that 2023 will be the year with the largest number of students eligible to enter the UES. The cost for a bachelor to submit to the admission test is $10.

“The general test exam is scheduled for October 8 and 9, we are initially scheduling it in person and in November we will carry out the specific knowledge test.”

Raúl Azcúnaga, vice-rector of the UES.

However, the academic vice-chancellor explained that the UES has the capacity to receive at least 12,000 of the more than 70,000 students who will graduate from high school at the end of the year; as well as the 24,000 applicants that the UES expects to receive in their applications.


How is the admission process?

According to Azcúnaga, the entire 2023 entry process will be done online. In addition, a telephone contact will be enabled to answer questions.

Any person interested in entering the alma mater must register their data in https://eel.ues.edu.sv/ingreso where you must create an account that you will use throughout the process.

For this account you must use your email where you will receive the verification code. Use your email as a user to enter the account and the registered password and go to the apply entry option to start the mandatory registration.

Write your DUI and NIE number (Student Identification Number, which is assigned by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology from kindergarten to high school).

Upload a color photograph, and at the end you will receive a receipt to pay $10 at the Agricultural Bank.

The second step is to take the aptitude test, which at the end will reveal a list of careers according to your aptitudes, to guide the choice of your career.

Below we share the indications issued by the University of El Salvador:


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