UFG survey reveals that President Bukele maintains high levels of acceptance in the population

The most recent survey by the Institute of Science and Technology of the (ICTI) Francisco Gavidia University (UFG) indicates that the President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, continues to be widely accepted by the Salvadoran population. In addition, he points out that the president most despised by Salvadorans is Mauricio Funes, the first president of the FMLN in El Salvador.

As explained by Ă“scar Picardo, director of the ICTI-UFG, during the television interview of the program “Frente a Frente” this morning, the survey focused on exploring the state of mind of Salvadorans in the face of the country’s political situation and related aspects to her.

At that point, the survey dedicated a space to analyze the emotions that the presidential figures that El Salvador has had during the postwar era arouse in the minds of Salvadorans. At this point, the survey indicates that President Nayib Bukele generates feelings of surprise and joy, contrary to the trend set by all former presidents of post-war El Salvador, which are characterized by emotions such as sadness, anger and contempt.

“All presidents, except President Bukele, generate anger, contempt and sadness. Those are the three main emotions that presidents generate. In the case of President Bukele, the behavior is surprise and joy. There is an emotional difference between the people and I think it is the reaction of the people from the point of view of the results and the evaluations ”, explained Picardo.

“President Bukele distances himself from traditional emotions. People have been frustrated and both Sánchez CerĂ©n, Mauricio Funes, Antonio Saca, Francisco Flores, CalderĂłn Sol and Cristiani generate these negative emotions, “he added.

“Among the presidents, obviously Bukele is the most admired president and Mauricio Funes is the most despised. However, all the presidents before Bukele generate hatred, sadness and contempt, while Bukele generates optimism. I believe that this is a reaction from the government to the corruption cases that have occurred and that, obviously, are the cause of the positioning of President Bukele, ”said Picardo.

The survey also ensures that the population evaluates the work of President Bukele positively, placing an average score of 7.84, which the academic described as a positive rating, despite the fact that they have already run two years in office, time in which the former presidents have shown greater wear in the evaluation that the population makes of them.

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