UFOs: What is unusual about the images of “unexplained aerial phenomena” captured by US intelligence

This Friday, June 17, marks a month since that morning in which the United States Congress decided to reveal to the world images of “unexplained aerial phenomena”. About these UFOs there is nothing but mysteries, unanswered questions and multiple theories between crazy and logical questions.

Therefore, in FayerWayer We review the characteristics of these revealed images. What makes them so unusual? What flight systems did these “aircraft” use? Are they actually aliens? Or is it that the intelligence of other countries advanced under the shadows of the underground?

Those are not the only questions. There are theories that they even release that they could even be time travelers visiting our era.

Yes, it seems like a question that adheres to science fiction. But no, these issues, at least those of the images, were discussed in a parliamentary forum of one of the most influential countries in the world: the United States.

What makes these UFOs so alarming?

Perhaps you already know it, but we also ratify it: UFOs It is not a word that refers to alien ships only, although it is always related to these phenomena. But this word is the acronym to break down the phrase: Unidentified Flying Objects.

So, this can range from a drone that is flying over an airspace without permission, to a hypothetical ship that came from the nearby regions of the center of our galaxy: it encompasses a whole universe of possibilities.

However, these detailed by the US Congress are much more unusual than normal. Perhaps this is why they have decided to reveal to the world the characteristics they caught on their intelligence radars.

According to what you review BBC Worldbased on the report of the American parliament, the ships did not appear to have any propulsion system. Some of the ones they saw registered a light that flickered for a while and then disappeared.

In another video different from the one just described, it was reported a hovering spherical object that rapidly approached in front of the cockpit of a military aircraft. “I don’t have an explanation of what this object is,” Scott W. Bray, deputy director of US naval intelligence, said at the time.

Despite all these frightening (or exciting) features they describe, the same deputy director of US naval intelligence maintains that there is no indication that they are of “non-terrestrial origin”.

The mystery believes even more by the words used by each of the officials who were present at the session of Congress.

A top Pentagon intelligence officer, who says that any of the UFOs they have seen in their years of work can be identified, admits that there are a small number of incidents for which they find no explanation.

UFOs, sighting analyzed by the Pentagon

“There are a small handful where there are flight characteristics that we can’t explain with the data we have available. Those are obviously the ones we are most interested in,” she maintained.

One in particular that they comment on, which occurred in 2004, has some fighter pilots who worked from an aircraft carrier in the Pacific Ocean recounting that an object seemed to have descended tens of thousands of meters before stopping and floating, he reviewed. BBC World.

Time travelers?

Mike Gallagher, United States Congressman and former United States Marine Corps Captain says on the Pat McAfee Show, quoted by National Review:

“(The unidentified aerial phenomena) could be us, but from the future. Go back 200 years and say ‘You don’t have cars, internet, good machine guns. What’s going on?”.

“So let’s go from our point in history, forward, 200 years, and whoever’s left, at that point, if we can avoid bombing each other, they’ll say, ‘Wait, you guys can’t bend space and time? We figured that out like 50, 100 years ago.”

In this way, for Gallagher this would be the third hypothesis about UFOs. “The people in the future, us, have figured out how to bend space and time, and it’s our technology coming back from the future,” she said.

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