UK: Boris Johnson makes brief stint in hospital for sinus surgery

The British Prime Minister plans to participate in the Council of Ministers this Tuesday.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a short visit to a London hospital on Monday where he underwent a “very light routine operation related to his sinuses”, his services said.

“He arrived at the hospital around 6 a.m. and the operation took place,” said a spokesman for the head of government. “He was back in Downing Street shortly after 10am.”

Boris Johnson, 58 years old since Sunday, is now resting at home and plans to participate in the Council of Ministers on Tuesday, said the spokesman, stressing that the operation had been planned “for a while”.

Acting by Dominic Raab

The Prime Minister has been seen several times in recent weeks sniffling like he has a cold. In April 2020, he spent several days in hospital, including three days on life support, after contracting Covid-19.

During this hospitalization, the then head of diplomacy, Dominic Raab, had acted as interim. Dominic Raab – now Minister of Justice and Deputy Prime Minister – and Simon Case, the highest British official, had been informed in advance of the operation on Monday, said the spokesman.

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