UK considers joining the "European Political Community"

The United Kingdom seriously considers participating in the inaugural meeting of the new European Political Community, which will take place on October 6 in the city of Prague, capital of Czechia, the country that currently holds the rotating presidency of the European Council. Liss Truss, the new British prime minister, received the invitation and is waiting to respond, because she wants to consult with Ukraine as well as NATO, the islands’ strongest military ally.

The creation of this new bloc is at the suggestion of the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, who presented it as a new space for cooperation between nations, with the aim of discussing issues such as security, energy, transportation and the movement of people between the borders of the continent, especially young people. From the United Kingdom they hope that it will not be dominated by countries and institutions of the European Union, but that there will be several “important players” outside the current coalition.

Although she was invited, it is not known whether or not Liss Truss will come to Prague to be part of the meeting.

In addition to the fact that all EU members will attend this meeting, other countries such as Ukraine, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey, who are on the continent but are not part of the organization, are also invited. In addition, an invitation was extended to six Balkan nations, along with Iceland, Liechtenstein, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, the latter three are geographically located in Asia, but politically, culturally and socially they are part of Europe. .

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