UK petrol stations have returned to normal fuel supply

The supply of fuel at UK petrol stations has returned to normal, according to government figures. The BBC reported today, citing statistics from the British Department of Commerce. According to this, the inventories at gas stations in the United Kingdom have risen again to 45 percent on average – the last time in May.

Just a few weeks ago, drivers in Great Britain were facing considerable difficulties. Many petrol stations were left out on dry land. The low was hit on September 25th when average fuel supplies dropped to 15 percent.

The background to the problems was an acute shortage of truck drivers in Great Britain. It is estimated that there is a shortage of 100,000 truck drivers in the UK. Because of the tightened immigration rules after Brexit, this can no longer be compensated for with employees from the EU in the short term. In addition, after initial reports of bottlenecks, there was a sharp increase in demand for fuels.

The British government had called on the army to get the fuel crisis under control. In addition, a total of 5,000 temporary visas should be issued for truck drivers. However, the interest in it was very limited.


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