UK recognizes that crabs, lobsters and octopuses are aware

A paper, authored by the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and funded by the British government, concluded that there is significant evidence that cephalopods and decapods, the family of animals like crabs, lobsters and octopuses are sentient beings, capable of experiencing pain and suffering. About 300 scientific studies were evaluated in the survey. In the United Kingdom, vertebrate animals are already classified and included in the new animal protection legislation under debate, but it did not recognize animals without a defined bone structure.

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Xiaomi and her genius idea: "Let

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The study indicates that there is strong evidence that the aforementioned animals have their own sense of existence. She took into account several elements such as the ability to learn, the connection between pain receptors and certain brain regions, response to analgesics and anesthetics and behavior according to dangerous situations and protection from injury. Experts evaluated nearly 300 scientific studies to draw this conclusion.

The proposed law is called the “Animal Welfare Sentience Bill” and aims to ensure animal welfare in the creation of new laws, aiming to regulate the way in which these animals are produced and consumed in the country. Because they feel pain and suffering, the practice of boiling for preparing crabs and lobsters should be reviewed.

If enacted, the new law will have a specific committee formed by experts in the sector who will create ways for these animals to be handled ethically, using good practices throughout the entire transport and slaughter process, in addition to animal protection measures. The fishing industry dealing with these animals must not be affected.

A few years ago, Xiaomi had an unusual idea: putting a crab to play with the Mi4. In an aquarium in New Zealand, the attraction was an octopus called Rambo who could take pictures, even faster than a human being.

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