Ukraine clearly won Eurovision

25 countries took the stage at the Palo Olimpico in Turin during Saturday’s final of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Norway was the seventh contribution on stage, and received both enormous support on social media and storming cheers from the audience.

Just after midnight, voting began in Italy, and first out were the jury votes.

Disappointing start for Norway

After all 40 countries had cast their jury votes, Britain was at the top. They got a total of eight 12-pointers.

Sweden and Cornelia Jakobs breathed Sam Ryder in the neck in second place after the jury votes.

Norway received a disappointing 36 points from the jury. The big favorite Ukraine also got off to a somewhat slow start. But when the jury votes were over, the Kalush Orchestra was in fourth place.

When the referendums were counted, it became clear that Norway received a total of 146 points. Subwoolfer therefore finished with a total of 182 points and tenth place in this year’s Eurovision.

Thus, there was no victory for Norway’s contribution.

– Tenth place is a very good position in the world’s largest music competition, so we are very pleased, says Stig Karlsen who is NRK’s ​​delegation leader.

– Now we are in the process of preparing for X, Y and Z factors on other planets so now we are moving on, says SubWoolfer’s interpreter to TV 2.

Even though Eurovision is now over and many fans want to know who is hiding behind the masks, the interpreter must disappoint the fans.

– We will probably have to look a year ahead in time. Now we have to see if we can manage to fool ourselves in Eurovision next year as well, the interpreter answers.

The people saved Ukraine

The pre-favorites Ukraine received a total of 439 points from the people. It is a new record when it comes to popular voices, and sent the Kalush Orchestra straight to the top.

The Ukrainian group finished with 631 points, and thus emerged victorious from this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

– Our courage to impress the world, and our music has conquered Europe. Next year, Eurovision will be held in Ukraine. We will do our best so that one day we can receive guests and artists from Eurovision in Mariupol, writes President Volodymyr Zelenskyj on Telegram.

The port city of Mariupol has been under heavy Russian attack since the start of the war, and has been one of Russia’s most important targets. Large parts of the city are now in ruins after the Russian attack.

– It was a strong moment when Ukraine was on the line, says Karlsen.

When asked if it is relevant for Norway to help Ukraine arrange Eurovision next year, Karlsen answers that it is difficult to say anything about now, but that it is clear that Norway wants to arrange.

Last year’s winners also congratulate Ukraine and the Kalush Orchestra on their victory.

– This means even more than a well-deserved victory. In dark times, music is always able to bring in light and make everyone feel close, Måneskin writes on Twitter.

Great Britain came in a strong second place, Spain in third and Sweden in fourth place.

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