Ukraine: who are the 300,000 reservists mobilized by Vladimir Putin?

Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization with the recall of 300,000 reservists which will quickly bring the strength of the Russian army to 2.3 million soldiers.

Vladimir Putin unveiled his strategy on Wednesday to deal with the counter-offensive of the Ukrainian army. The Russian president signed a decree authorizing a “partial mobilization” of the population. Clearly, it is a question of inflating its workforce by recalling the reservists as well as the freshly demobilized conscripts, but also by calling on 300,000 reservists, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Vladimir Putin did not specify the profile of these reinforcements. Will they be specialists or, as many observers believe, “cannon fodder” to come to the aid of Russian troops in difficulty both in terms of numbers and morale? They will be trained soldiers who have left the army for civilian life.

“Russia must increase its maneuvering mass, it needs infantry. It will be necessary to bring them to the area, equip them, train them, which will take time to do so with 300,000 soldiers”, explains General Jérôme Pellistrandi, consultant defense for BFMTV.

2.3 million soldiers

This announcement comes on top of a decree signed on August 25 aimed at increasing the number of soldiers in the Russian army by 10% on January 1, 2023 to reach an effective of two million members, including 1.15 million soldiers. , or 137,000 additional soldiers.

With this partial mobilization, the Russian army will expect 2.3 million soldiers. To dissuade the desertions among these new conscripts, a law was adopted Tuesday by Duma to consider as traitor and to imprison the reservists who would refuse to take the weapons.

Will this considerable force go to fight in Ukraine? The Russian Minister of Defense launched a sentence that raises questions. “Russia is not so much fighting Ukraine as the West,” he declared, echoing Vladimir Putin who announced this morning that “the objective of the West is to destroy Russia”.

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