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Medvedev: Russia doesn’t give a damn about G7 recognition of border demarcation

Former Russian leader Dmitry Medvedev has responded with sarcasm and criticism to the leading industrialized nations (G7)’s support for Ukraine. “To put it mildly, our country doesn’t give a damn if the G7 doesn’t recognize the new borders”he commented on Saturday in his Telegram channel the declaration of the G7 states that they “never” want to recognize border changes that Russia wants to enforce with military force.

In this case, only the will of the people living there is important, according to Medvedev. For several weeks there has been speculation about referenda in parts of Ukraine occupied by pro-Moscow troops for an annexation to Russia. The 56-year-old once again referred to Kosovo, which the Kremlin regards as a precedent for the possible shifting of borders.

He described the G7’s promise to Kyiv to continue supplying arms to Ukraine as a continuation of a “covert war against Russia” and the planned reduction in dependence on Russian energy sources as a “plunder” of citizens in the G7 countries, who would now have to pay higher prices to support the “corrupt regime in Ukraine”. Overall, Medvedev criticized the statements at the G7 meeting as mendacious.

The Russian ex-president, who was seen as more liberal during his tenure than the current Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin, has made a name for himself with a series of sharp statements against the West and Ukraine since the beginning of the war. He equated Ukraine with the National Socialist Third Reich and denied its right to exist, threatened the expropriation of Western corporations in Russia and threatened the stationing of nuclear weapons in the Russian Baltic region if Sweden and Finland joined NATO. (dpa)

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