Uli Wickert on “Daily Topics” – That’s how my snap with Caren Miosga was

Uli Wickert on “Daily Topics” |

Such was my snap with Caren Miosga

Hamburg – After 16 years he was back!

Surprise appearance of the “Daily Topics” legend Ulrich Wickert (79, cult saying: “I wish you a good night’s sleep”) in the news program.

Tuesday, Wickert congratulated his colleague Caren Miosga (53). Reason: Miosga has now moderated the show longer than Wickert.

Ulrich Wickert congratulates Caren Miosga because SHE has been moderating the “Daily Issues” for longer than ER

Photo: Ulrich Perrey/dpa

Wickert to BILD: “It felt like coming home. Like I just left yesterday.”

Wickert led the show for 15 years and two months. Mioska replaced him in 2006 and has now broken the Wickert record.

On the show, they both toasted. What was in the shot glasses? Wickert: “We drank what we used to call chateau la pompe!” Means: water!

Wickert’s conclusion: “I myself then, inspired by the fun, sailed blissfully through the restful night.”

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