Ulrika Jonsson’s horror – not daring to look at herself in the mirror anymore

Ulrika Jonsson

The TV personality talks about her experience of getting older, and in her opinion – failing.

Ulrika Jonsson, 55, is the Swedish TV personality who started her career as a weather host in Good morning Britain in Great Britain. The Swede now writes for the British site The sun.

In a recently published text for The sun, Ulrika writes more personally. She admits that she has a fear that makes her avoid looking at herself in the mirror.

“I admit that I try to avoid mirrors on a daily basis. The reason for that is that if I look in them, everything I know about myself is torn to pieces,” writes Ulrika Jonsson in the revealing text.

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Thinks that aging feels undignified

Ulrika says that she had an image when she was younger that aging could pass her by and not be so troublesome. She had the image that a little make-up could solve everything.

“When I was young, I might not have been completely happy with the size of my nose, but I knew that a little make-up could make everything better. But since I passed fifty, it takes an hour to get my face in order.

The TV personality is clear. She sees how what was once there has suddenly failed completely.

“All I see is how my face collapses and shrinks – apart from the chin on my chin, of course, there’s as much as you want,” writes Ulrika Jonsson.

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Admires the ex-president’s wife

Ulrika is a great role model when it comes to facing the subject of “ageing”.

It is another tone-setting public figure. namely Michelle Obama, wife of former President Barack Obama.

Ulrika writes about Michelle Obama’s relaxing way of looking at how the body changes over the years. She feels encouraged by the attitude but is not convinced that she will ever be able to adopt it.

“I guess it’s encouraging that such a beautiful and intelligent woman like Michelle has to struggle with the same things as the rest of us. It makes it feel like we’re all in the same boat. But that doesn’t change the fact that no matter how much I tell myself that I look good, it won’t make me believe it,” writes Ulrika Jonsson.

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