Umbrella Academy: recap and summary, we take stock before season 3

After two years of waiting, it’s almost time to find the Hargreeves siblings in season 3 of The Umbrella Academy. While we left them in bad shape, back to our time but facing a whole new Hargreeves family nicknamed the Sparrow Academy, the suspense comes to an end. But water has flowed under the bridge since 2020 and a recap of The Umbrella Academy won’t hurt anyone.

Express Summary of The Umbrella Academy Season 1

*Given the subject of the article, it is not necessarily useful to put a disclaimer but in doubt: this article contains spoilers from seasons 1 and 2 of The Umbrella Academy. We therefore strongly advise you not to continue reading if you are not up to date with the series. You can, however, bookmark this article and come back when you’ve finished the first two seasons.*

In season 1 of The Umbrella Academy, we meet the Hargreeves siblings. Born in 1989 in “immaculate conception” mode like 36 other infants, these seven brothers and sisters with superpowers were adopted by the wealthy Sir Reginald Hargreeves. The latter planned to make it a band of recognized superheroes capable of saving the world and founded the Umbrella Academy.

But the years pass. One of them dies during a mission, another mysteriously disappears and the members of the family end up moving away… Until the death of their father, in 2019, which sounds their reunion.

It is at this moment that their brother who has been missing for fifteen years, Five of his nickname, reappears. And it doesn’t just come with good news. Indeed, he announces to them that the future does not smell good since the apocalypse is near. Very close. The Hargreeves are going to have to put their differences aside and stick together to try to save the world in eight days.

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Over the episodes, we learn that Five, able to travel in time and space, found himself stuck in a post-apocalyptic future for 60 years (lovely) before working for a long time for the Commission, an organization which supervises and manages the space-time continuum. And who does not hesitate to use force. Seeing someone who wants to prevent everything from going as planned, even if what is planned is an apocalypse, it does not please. So the Director of the Commission assigns two people to kill the teenager, who is, in fact, much older than he appears.

Meanwhile, we learn that Vanya, the seventh member of the siblings who has always been put aside because of her lack of superpowers, is, in fact, the most powerful of the gang. And that she is at the origin of the famous apocalypse, bamboozled by a certain Leonard.

Incidentally, Klaus, the eccentric of the siblings, uses a briefcase that allows time travel but finds himself in the heart of the Vietnam War. He ends up coming back in 2019 but he brings with him many traumas. Necessarily…

After ten thrilling episodes, the Hargreeves find themselves alongside Vanya who completely loses control. Along the way, she killed Pogo, the monkey who was a better father figure than Sir Reginal Hargreeves, and wounds Allison in the throat, preventing her from speaking. The apocalypse rumbles but before it destroys everything in its path, Five manages to take everyone back to the past. But of course, it doesn’t go exactly as planned.

The Umbrella Academy season 2 recap

Thus, in the second season of The Umbrella Academy, we find our favorite superheroes in Dallas in the 60s. As they arrive at different times from each other, the siblings are left on their own and build new lives. Diego is interned as he seeks to prevent the assassination of JFK and meets Lila while Allison joins a civil rights movement, Klaus leads a cult, an amnesiac Vanya lives her best life at the Sissy’s farm and Luther becomes a bodyguard.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2

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Five finds them on November 25, 1963 and announces that a new apocalypse threatens them. Yes again. Always hunted by the Commission, ruthless, and severely threatened by yet another end of the world, our favorite Hargreeves find their father in 1963 and ask for his help. But it doesn’t go as planned and he sends them packing. Ah, we also learn that Sir Reginald Hargreeves is an alien.

Once again, it is Vanya who is causing the apocalypse. Accused of communism by Sissy’s abusive husband, she is interrogated and tortured by the FBI. She ends up losing control of her powers. But the ghost of Ben, their dead brother, comes to his rescue and manages to save the day.

If the apocalypse is averted, the Hargreeves’ problems don’t end there. Indeed, in wanting to save Sissy’s son, Harlan, from drowning, Vanya transmits some of her powers to him. This is clearly not a good thing… Moreover, the Commission is always after them. We learn that Lila, Diego’s girlfriend, is actually the Director’s daughter and that her biological parents were killed by Five when he was working for the organization. To top it off, she was also born on October 1, 1989 and has, therefore, sacred powers.

After multiple clashes, the Hargreeves manage to return to 2019, our time. But inevitably, their little detour to the 60s had repercussions on their reality. Thus, they find themselves facing another Hargreeves sibling and a father who is still alive.

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Netflix

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The powers of the Hargreeves siblings

Come on, we’re almost done. After this necessary summary, we remind you of the powers of the superheroes of The Umbrella Academy. And unlike the rest, it’s a little easier to follow.

  • Luther: the number 1 of the siblings has superhuman strength and an impressive and deformed body.
  • Diego: Number 2 is a pro with knives and other edged weapons and can alter the trajectory of anything he throws. It’s quite handy when you fight.
  • Allison: The third sibling can manipulate people by simply starting her sentence with “I heard a rumor…”.
  • Klaus: the eccentric of the gang has a special relationship with the dead. Indeed, he can see and hear them but also manipulate and possess them. It’s for this reason that he can still see Ben, who died on a mission years ago.
  • Five: Despite his youthful appearance, Five is an old man. He is especially capable of traveling through time and space. A stylish power but which he has not yet fully mastered and which can play tricks on him. This is, indeed, how he got stuck in a post-apocalyptic future for 60 years.
  • Ben: We don’t know much about the sixth member of the siblings since he dies before the main events of the series. However, it is known that its body contains a monstrous creature with fearsome tentacles.
  • Vanya: if her father told her throughout her childhood and adolescence that she had no power, the reality is very different. Vanya, who will be called Viktor in Season 3, is the most powerful member of the family, causing two apocalypses. Just that!
  • Lila Pitts: Although she is not part of the Umbrella Academy, she was also born on October 1, 1989. She has the ability to reproduce the powers of anyone, which makes her fearsome.

There you go, you know everything. With jumps in time and space here and there, a summary was not refused. You are now ready to discover season 3 of The Umbrella Academy. See you on Netflix next Wednesday, June 22, at 9:01 a.m. to find out more about the wacky adventures of the Hargreeves. Our review is coming soon…


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