Umbrella Academy, season 3: the end of the world remains fun on Netflix

The continuation of the apocalyptic adventures of the Umbrella Academy is available on Netflix, signing the return of Klaus, Viktor or even Allison, but also introducing the Sparrow Academy. What is this season 3 worth?

A new apocalypse is on the program for season 3 ofUmbrella Academyavailable on Netflix since June 22, 2022. A little guilty pleasure featuring a superheroic family constantly off the mark, the series has already taken us through two ends of the world.

After surviving the latest cataclysm in the past, the Umbrella Academy siblings are back in the present. But somehow, a parameter has been changed by their time travel: at the academy, they face the Sparrow Academy, a new family who officiates in their place, and which includes their brother Ben. .

The Sparrow Academy. // Source: Netflix

Only eight minutes are enough for a scene in this season 3 to trigger the first giggle. Ultimately, the Netflix series adapted from the comics of Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba remains true to itself. We rediscover the comic through the absurd which characterizes Umbrella Academy, just like this disillusioned atmosphere where the world seems to be a farce without tail or head. And we always have so much fun.

Null family vs. null family

Nothing is ordinary in Umbrella Academy, let alone the notion of family, which is more dysfunctional than ever. But season 3 delivers a double dose with the arrival of the Sparrow Academy. Presented at the beginning as antagonistic and better organized, this alternative family very quickly shows its own flaws. So we end up with a sort of versus improbable between two families as worthless as each other – and who have the fate of the planet in their hands, which nevertheless seems quite incidental.

This is indeed the main theme of this season, which sets aside for several episodes the more grandiloquent issues. The red thread sometimes even comes to disappear behind the dialogues, scenes of life and action. More than ever, Umbrella Academy put on the scenes of communion – like the cult scene of season 1 where the characters dance on I think we’re alone now. Which also contrasts with the accentuated nihilism of this season, in which the end of the world is almost part of the landscape.


We then come to watch the series more for the characters and their moods than for the great story. It would almost be a flaw in most series, but Klaus, Allison and the others are stories on their own and alone. The best evolution is undoubtedly that of Klaus, very clownish in season 1, but much more intense now. Viktor’s transition was also able to be very nicely inserted – with a lot of class in the reaction of the other characters – from the start of the season (Netflix having therefore integrated the transidentity of Elliot Page into the series, which is felt in the actor, still as talented, but more fulfilled).

By relying entirely on its characters, as well as on the apocalyptic absurdity of their world, Umbrella Academy shines in what pleases us, without claiming more. Despite everything, we are still entitled to a relatively huge final twist, which makes it possible to keep the promise to the end.

Umbrella Academy, season 3, on Netflix since June 22, 2022

Allison and Viktor in season 3 // Source: Netflix

The verdict

Umbrella Academy continues to bet on what she knows how to do: having fun with all that is dysfunctional to accentuate it, whether it is the end of the world or the family. If this season 3 is a little softer in terms of scriptwriting, it relies on its characters more than ever – whose charisma always takes on a little more color. fans ofUmbrella Academy will therefore continue to spend happy apocalyptic moments during this season 3, the series having the merit of remaining very stable in what it delivers to us.

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