UN General Assembly: Ukraine: Germany promises more help against hunger

Development Minister Svenja Schulze promises further help to poor countries: “So that Putin can no longer use wheat as a weapon.”

Before the UN General Assembly Development Minister Svenja Schulze has assured the developing countries that Germany will not only take care of Ukraine. “Germany’s message is: Our commitment remains broad,” the SPD politician told our editorial team. “We also see the global consequences of the war, which is making food and energy more expensive worldwide and unaffordable for many. We remain committed to fighting AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. And we also see the climate and natural crisis that is already threatening livelihoods in many countries.”

That Development Ministry points out that it can invest an additional 880 million euros this year for global food security. “This money arrives and helps developing countries to become less dependent on expensive imported grain,” said Schulze. “More sustainable local cultivation is the best way to ensure that Putin can no longer use wheat as a weapon. Especially in these times, when Putin is desperately looking for allies, we want to prove ourselves to be reliable partners.”

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According to its own account, Schulze’s house is concentrating on aid in regions where the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine already existed emergencies further tightened. This applies, for example, to East Africa, which has been suffering from drought for years, and for the Sahel zone, which is particularly affected by climate change and armed conflicts. This also includes the countries in the Middle East, which are the main place of refuge for Syrian refugees but are themselves struggling with rising food prices.

This Tuesday, Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) will take part in the Global Food Security Meeting chaired by US Secretary of State Blinken.

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