Unbelievable: This actress almost turned down the role of her life

Unbelievable: This actress almost turned down the role of her life

The success series Wednesday quickly became a huge hit. Today it is one of the most successful Netflix productions of all time. Who would have thought that leading lady Jenna Ortega turned down the role that made her famous around the world several times. She just felt it wasn’t the right step in her career. You can find out here why she thought that way and what her other reasons were.

Jenna Ortega has turned down the role of Wednesday multiple times

In an interview with the magazine The TimesUK 19-year-old Jenna Ortega talked about her hit series Wednesday. She revealed that she was offered the role several times and she repeatedly declined. “I got the email and turned it down (the role). I had done so many TV series in my life. All I ever wanted was to be in movies. You have to prove yourself first.(…) Me was afraid that being accepted to do another series would prevent me from doing the jobs that I really wanted and that were important to me”says the actress.

The reason why she finally accepted was what she calls it herself “Legend” Tim Burton. The director who was supposed to bring the Addams Family reboot to life. But there is another reason why Ortega initially hesitated.

Jenna Ortega thought nobody was watching Wednesday

Obviously, the American herself didn’t expect the incredible success of the Netflix series. She herself thought more that Wednesday would be “a nice little gem that someone finds, but (most would overlook)”. As the interview continues, Ortega is asked if she would have preferred it if the series hadn’t been such a huge success. A question you with a clear yes answered, because she does not enjoy the attention to the extent that one might expect.

“I did Disney shows when I was younger,” she recalls. “I was kind of a smaller public figure and I’d gotten used to being recognized and stuff like that. Looking back, I felt like I was a bit out of place. I didn’t understand where I was and when Hollywood looked at that It’s quite intimidating and a little bit off-putting when I first saw it firsthand. I felt a bit like a people’s princess. (…) Then it all died down a bit and I lived a pretty normal life… until ‘Wednesday’ , until now I think”

Since her ninth year of life American-born Jenna Ortega regularly appears in front of the camera in larger and smaller roles. With her role as Wednesday she had her big international breakthrough at the end of last year. A second season of the hit series has already been confirmed. She can currently be seen on the big screen in the horror film Scream 6.

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