Under 21 Minutes | How much is Colo Colo missing to comply with the timing rule and in which game could he comply?

Colo Colo is approaching by leaps and bounds to meet the Sub 21 minutes, especially for what Vicente Pizarro has contributed in recent times.

Vicente Pizarro has been the one who has had the most regularity as a Sub 21
© William SalazarVicente Pizarro has been the one who has had the most regularity as a Sub 21

Colo Colo is a few games away from winning the National Championship title. In fact, It is an achievement that can happen in the next commitment, when he receives Universidad Católica by the date 26. But in addition to that, he is close to fulfilling another goal: that of the Sub 21 minutes.

An important issue since, in case of not complying with the rule, the deduction of points is contemplated, so it isThe doubt has been installed as to whether the Cacique can really receive the Cup against the UC even without reaching the required minutes yet.

It is a theme that has cost the albos this year. Vicente Pizarro has been vital in recent games to add 90 minutes, before it was Alexander Oroz and at some point in the year Jeyson Rojas played a lot, but without ever being able to consolidate himself.

Vicho has been the one who has shown the best level and it seems difficult for him to leave the starting team in this final stretch of the tournament. In fact, for many he was a firm candidate to be summoned by Eduardo Berizzo for the FIFA Date, something that ultimately did not happen.

How many minutes does Colo Colo need to fulfill the Sub 21 minutes?

The Cacique still lacks 164 minutes to comply with the U21 minute rule. Vicente Pizarro added the 90 in the match against Cobresal in El Salvador, but is still short to complete them against Universidad Católica

Only in the match against Curicó Unido, on Date 27, could the long-awaited goal of 1890 total minutes be reached with at least one Under 21 player on the pitch.

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