UNDERSTAND IT ALL – A new vaccine campaign against Covid-19 this fall

The Minister of Health announced a new vaccination campaign from October 3 in France, with the arrival of new vaccines against the Omicron variant.

The anti-Covid recall campaign with the new vaccines adapted to Omicron will start on October 3, the Minister of Health announced on Tuesday François Braun on FranceInfo. “We are going towards a vaccination campaign starting this fall, starting, to be exact, from October 3, when we will have the new vaccines available,” he said.

This new vaccination campaign is announced when “we have seen for three weeks a resumption of the circulation of the virus”, explained the minister. “There is recirculation of the virus, therefore there is remobilization”, he assures.

· Who is targeted by this vaccination?

“We are moving towards a new booster dose, not for the entire population, the High Health Authority has been clear and continues to tell us to vaccinate a target population: fragile people, over 60 years old”, declares François Braun . He also cites “health professionals” as well as “people in contact with fragile people”.

“Those who have been vaccinated will be revaccinated, yet another reminder,” he explained, “three months later. [la dernière dose, ndlr] for those over 80 at least, after six months for the others.

This new booster dose is recommended for people at risk of severe form, their entourage and caregivers, had indeed declared in a press release on September 20, the HAS. Among the people at risk, are cited those over 60, but also “those who have comorbidities which expose them to these severe forms, pregnant women, from the 1st trimester of their pregnancy, immunocompromised people regardless of their age. , children and adolescents at high risk suffering from pathologies justifying it.

In addition, “the entourage of these people (cocooning strategy) as well as people who are in regular contact with them: professionals in the health and medico-social sector”, are concerned by this new reminder.

· Can other people get vaccinated?

Asked about the possibility for the general population, not at risk, to be vaccinated with this new reminder, François Braun left the doors open: “of course if you want to be vaccinated, you can be vaccinated”.

Among the people affected by a new injection, the Minister of Health also cited those who were targeted by a fourth dose (or second booster) in recent months but who did not receive an injection. “People who were not vaccinated with the second booster this summer should get vaccinated,” he said.

“In anticipation of the fall and winter, we invite you to take your primary vaccination or to be revaccinated, if you are eligible, following the advice of your national health authority”, declared for its part the EMA (European Medicines Agency) in a press conference last week.

· What vaccines will be used?

For this recall campaign, the High Authority for Health (HAS) recommended using one of the three vaccines adapted to the Omicron sub-variants – all with messenger RNA, two from Pfizer/BioNTech, one from Moderna – recently approved by the European Medicines Agencyand to couple it with that against the flu, which will begin on October 18.

The first bottles ordered should be delivered between September 29 and October 4, according to a message recently sent by the ministry to health professionals, citing only 576,000 doses available at the start.

These vaccines, called bivalent vaccines, “are not new vaccines but vaccines adapted to circulating strains, like the vaccines against seasonal influenza whose annual update takes into account the viruses which are most likely to circulate during the winter. ‘winter”, explains the HAS“the vaccine platform is the same, the total quantity of mRNA per dose also”.

“From October 3, we will have available in pharmacies, at vaccination centers, these new bivalent vaccines, that is to say these vaccines which vaccinate you on the wild strain, which are always very effective, but which will also vaccinate against Omicron”, detailed the Minister of Health.

Salome Vincendon BFMTV journalist

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