Unemployment benefit: Hartz IV obligation to register: when criminal proceedings are imminent

If you are receiving Hartz IV benefits, you have to report, so you have to report relevant changes. Otherwise there is a risk of criminal proceedings.

Anyone who receives Hartz IV must adhere to a number of rules. The job center always wants to be informed when the financial circumstances of the job change beneficiaries have changed.

There is not only a change when starting a new job obligation to report, but also, for example, in the case of an inheritance. The service recipient is in a so-called obligation to deliver. This means that the changes must be reported to the job center without being asked; it is enshrined in the second social code.

Hartz IV obligation to report: Fraud must be verifiable

Waiting to see how the new job develops is therefore not a good idea. gets that Job centre the innovation, a notice of cancellation and reimbursement can be expected. The authority demands back the overpaid Hartz IV benefits.

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Much worse, in an emergency there is a risk of criminal proceedings. The offense of social benefit fraud is fulfilled when facts are deliberately concealed in order to enrich oneself financially. For this, however, fraud must be proven. It is often simply missed employment exchange to announce that you have started a new job. This “forgetting” does not meet the criteria for social benefit fraud. Then it is more likely to be an offence.

Hartz IV obligation to report: what to do if you miss it

With a bit of luck, the job center has not yet noticed the inheritance or the new job. Now it is important to act quickly and compensate for the omissions Job centre to report voluntarily in order to avoid criminal proceedings.

However, if criminal proceedings have already been initiated, those affected are given the opportunity to make a statement during the preliminary proceedings. However, the accused have the right to refuse to testify. Nobody has to incriminate themselves in criminal proceedings. If possible, an experienced law firm should now be consulted. This can request access to the investigation file and, if necessary, the termination of the investigation stimulate. (fmg)

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