Unfaithful masons: instead of grabbing the shovel they chose to assault a house

Unfaithful masons: instead of grabbing the shovel they chose to assault a house

123 between 67 and 68, the area of ​​the violent robbery / César Santoro

A violent episode of insecurity generated panic and stupor in a sector of Berisso. It was a savage assault that was perpetrated in the hours of yesterday morning, in a house located in the area of ​​123 between 67 and 68.

One family was left at the mercy of thieves who threatened to kill them with firearms, tied them with zip ties, gagged them with tape, and even beat them to make them reveal where their savings were kept.

According to police sources, the blow was given by a group of masons who arrived at the place very early to carry out a series of building repairs. In this sense, there is still no certainty about how many of the suspects are really involved in the event.

On the one hand, the affected family maintains that there were two, while the investigators are convinced that the responsibility for the robbery belongs to at least 3 people: a master builder and his two assistants.

The family never imagined that they would have to drink such a bitter drink in the morning hours and that those responsible would end up being the workers who, precisely, had been hired to carry out a series of works aimed at improving the safety of the living place.

“As is often said in urban jargon, they did not see it coming, there was blind trust,” said a police source consulted.

According to the victims, they were always convinced that an act of insecurity would begin to be triggered in another way. Perhaps with an untimely entrance and full of tension, breaking openings, at dawn, with shouts and insults, “as one sees in the news that happens to so many neighbors throughout the Region.”

But quite the contrary, in this case, the criminals did not have to use any type of violent action to penetrate the property. The quotas of cruelty and cruelty that they carried were reserved for the final stage of the criminal plan.

In fact, they were received kindly by the owners of the property who even offered them “something warm” to combat the low temperatures that prevailed in the morning shift.

They had known the master builder for 5 years. They had commissioned him for several jobs and within that framework they decided to bet again on his work capacity to undertake this new work.

According to what was reconstructed by the police, the man appeared in the morning at the door of the house. After ringing the bell, the mistress of the house answered him. Immediately after she greeted her she explained that the two individuals flanking him were going to work with him as assistants.

The fact caused some discomfort in the marriage since the agreement that both parties had made did not contemplate more workers. But, convinced that their wages would be covered by the teacher they had hired, they allowed them to continue.

Without wasting a minute, the three of them rushed to work. According to the homeowner, “in a matter of minutes they made two mixtures and even glued some blocks.”

“Nothing boasted such a transformation. They were seen to be very focused on their work and they hardly spoke,” said the victim, who now suspects that all this was a great staging so that no one would notice the gale of violence that would engulf her house minutes later.

Around ten in the morning, when the family was resting after breakfast, the criminals advanced with the next phase of the plan. Each one armed with a firearm, the assistants entered the garage and took the owner by surprise, who was looking for a waterproofing material. Then they cornered her husband in the living room and beat him down with rifle butts.

In less than a minute, the house was under the total control of criminals.

The woman was taken with her children to a garage where one of the thieves tied her hands and feet with zip ties and gagged her with adhesive tape. There is certainty that both supplies were brought to the scene by the thieves. Later, the thug returned to the house and together with his henchman they began a fierce interrogation of the owner, in one of the bedrooms.

With blows and threats, both subjects managed to get key information from him to find $100,000 and other values. But, they were stubborn that the man kept a large figure in his house and, as they repeated on several occasions, they were going to stay as long as it was long enough until he “released” where he had “the three million.”

But the violent confrontation was abruptly interrupted. Although the thieves thought they had everything under their control, one rope – or rather, a seal – was left loose. While the owner was subjected to a beating, the woman was able to free herself from the restraints and went outside to ask for help.

Seeing this situation from a room on the first floor, the criminals understood that there was no time for more.

It was time to leave the scene with what they had been able to gather. Although they managed to advance several blocks towards the heart of Berisso, the rapid action of the police made it possible to quickly find the subjects.

The investigators are currently analyzing the degree of responsibility of the master builder in the coup. The man told the police that he was “one more victim” of the incident, that they took him “threatened” after the robbery and that they even stole his phone. But for the authorities a series of contradictions and the information that the main suspects had, link it directly to the fact. In this framework, the man will also remain detained.

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