“Unforgivable offense”. Marta Temido says it is necessary to hire more resilient doctors for the NHS

Tiago Petinga / Lusa

This Wednesday, Marta Temido told the Assembly of the Republic that one of the solutions to fill the lack of doctors in the National Health Service (SNS) was to hire more resilient professionals. Unions contest statements.

The health minister, who answered questions from deputies during a hearing by the Parliamentary Health Commission on the “Difficulties that the Setúbal Hospital Center (CHS) is facing”, said that “Resilience” must be a factor to be taken into account. in hiring health professionals. In his view, this is an element as important “as technical competence”.

At the hearing, the minister also alerted doctors who have denounced the lack of conditions at the CHS, recalling that “the best way to attract human resources is to win them over to work projects and not convey an image, or intensify an image, that the institution is experiencing enormous difficulties and in a climate of confrontation”.

However, these statements did not suit the Unions in the best way.

In a statement, the Independent Union of Physicians highlights that the statements of Marta Temido “more than crossed any red line that could have been drawn”, cites the Public.

He also adds that “affirming that more resilient doctors have to be hired is a unforgivable offense that Portuguese doctors, exhausted by hundreds of overtime hours (by the way, being mandatory… for example, not reproducible throughout the public administration) will no longer forgive and forget”, can be read in the statement.

The union also states that overtime for NHS doctors is mandatory, something that does not happen in the entire public administration, and asks for these professionals “a decent base pay”, which matches “with his responsibility, with his differentiation, with the drudgery of his work”, transcribes the Observer.

Also Paulo Rangel, candidate for the leadership of the PSD, made harsh criticisms of the position of the governor. “I am scandalized, even shocked, by the declarations of the Minister of Health”, he said, according to the newspaper Express, at an event with militants in Santarém.

the social democrat he also classified the minister’s speech as “childish” and defended the doctors, who say they are “accumulating overtime”.

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