Unfortunately, PS VR games won’t work on the PS VR2 headset.

If the release date of the PS VR2 is not known, like its price, we know one thing: the titles released on the first PS VR will not run on the PS VR2.

Hoping to enjoy your PS VR games on the new PS VR2 virtual reality headset? You can now grieve. No backward compatibility will be possible between the titles developed for the first generation of PS VR and the future accessory built by Sony. This is what an executive of the company admitted on the occasion ofa podcast on the official website.

Airing on September 16, it brings Hideaki Nishino, a senior vice president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, into the discussion. It was during this exchange that this manager explained the existence of technical obstacles that could not be overcome to allow this backward compatibility. To this, there is also the way of creating games in virtual reality which has changed.

Significant technical developments

The reason given is that the new helmet is ” designed to deliver a true next-gen virtual reality experience “, and that it therefore embeds functions and capacities which did not exist at the time of the PS VR. Among these more advanced elements are haptic feedback, sight tracking, adaptive joysticks, 3D audio and 4K HDR.

These technical additions, continues Hideaki Nishino, mean that it is no longer possible to develop video games for the PS VR2 in the same way as those of the previous generation were designed. Under these conditions, it will therefore be necessary to reuse the old PS VR headset to play previous games or to put an end to it and embrace the new generation.

For all these reasons, ” PS VR games are not compatible with PS VR2 “warned Hideaki Nishino.

PlayStation VR2 // Source: Sony

This lack of backward compatibility contrasts with Sony’s policy, which strives to maintain a minimum of continuity between the generations of its products. Thus, PlayStation 4 games are playable on PS5. It is also possible to find the PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP catalogs through certain PlayStation Plus formulas.

The first PlayStation VR of the name works on the PlayStation 5, usinga free adapter to ask Sony.

It remains to be seen if Sony will find a solution to have a bridge between PS VR games and the PS VR2 headset. Hideaki Nishino’s speech, however, suggests that this is no longer a subject at Sony. Additionally, the PS VR2 also relies on new controllers, called Sense, and they complicate the prospect of matching keys, options, and features.

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PlayStation VR2 // Source: Sony

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