"Unheard of in 12 years": Olivier Véran evokes a "voltage level" unpublished at the National Assembly

The former Minister of Health was present Thursday evening in the Assembly during the examination of a text of LFI on the reintegration of non-vaccinated caregivers. All in a white-hot arena.

For Olivier Véran, it was “unheard of in 12 years of Parliament”. An allusion to the electric debates in the hemicycle Thursday evening on the reintegration of non-vaccinated caregivers. This measure was the subject of a bill (PPL) carried by La France insoumise (LFI) during its parliamentary niche, a session during which it has control over the agenda.

The atmosphere was very tense, between numerous invectives and suspensions of the session. The macronists played parliamentary obstruction, presenting many sub-amendments to save time even though on this text the presidential camp was in the minority against the opposition.

Symbol of the tension reigning on the benches of the hemicycle, the Guadeloupe deputy Olivier Serva (LIOT), split a “you’re going to close it” to the address of one of his colleagues.

It was therefore in this white-hot arena that Olivier Véran arrived at the end of the evening with François Braun, his successor at the head of the Ministry of Health.

“I’m coming fresh, brand new, very happy to see you again so I’ll be calm and impassive,” said the government spokesperson first.

Before adding, under boos from part of the hemicycle: “Thank you very much for the choirs”.

“I have time”

The hubbub continuing on the rebellious benches, Olivier Véran tackles: “We are not in the political office of La France insoumise, we are in Parliament, so you will have to listen, it’s called democracy and I darlings”. Enough to rekindle the ardor, the oppositions also reproaching the government for not respecting democracy by preventing the examination of the PPL from going to an end, even though they agree to vote for it.

“Me, I have time and I am calm”, laughs Olivier Véran.

A little later, he was “surprised” at the “level of tension” that he had “never seen in twelve years of Parliament”. Then, far from calming the enthusiasm, he reprimanded the opposition: “I would have liked, ladies and gentlemen, opposition deputies that you had put the same energy, the same enthusiasm and the same desire to do well when it was necessary to vote on measures difficult for the French, such as curfews, confinement or why not, ‘whatever it costs'”.

At that time, Olivier Véran was Minister of Health. He regularly clashed with the National Assembly to defend government measures to fight the Covid-19 epidemic. Often in an electric atmosphere. And with a momentum in November 2020, during a vote on the state of health emergency. The Isérois had recounted his visit to a hospital in Corbeil-Essonnes, before losing his temper in front of the hubbub of the opposition.

“That’s the reality, ladies and gentlemen, if you don’t want to hear it, get out of here. It’s there, the reality of our hospitals!”, He declared.

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