Union gets up, but Colo Colo turns it around thanks to Solari

Unión Española and Colo Colo define the second classified to the final of the Chile Cup in a duel played at the Santa Laura Stadium. Confrontation by which the emotions would end up taking shape in the final minutes of the first half.

Encounter for which it did not begin at all positive for the albos, who would suffer the first conquest against the party. After a stopped ball executed by the left sector of the Hispanic attack, a fortuitous play for the locals would end in a penalty for Unión Española.

Who took responsibility was the Uruguayan striker Cristian Palacios, who, with a shot raised to the left sector, would end up being sent to Brayan Cortes to the opposite sector to decree the 1-0 of Spanish Union on Colo Colo.

But that would not end there. The goal woke up Colo Colo, who in the first few minutes looked somewhat imprecise in attack. A nice counterattack from the Cacique and authorization by Ignacio Jara for Pablo Solari, would be fundamental for the equality of this commitment.

The Argentine attacker took advantage of the space on the right wing, faced his marker, settled for his left leg and with a tight shot, to the far post of Miguel Pinto, unleashed the talk throughout Chile with the one-on-one celebrations.

However, minutes later, the scene at the end of the first part would be repeated, in a certain part. A new counterattack from the Cacique on the right wing, would look for Pablo Solari in the center, who stayed hand in hand with Miguel Pinto to turn the scoreboard at Santa Laura.

No, you must bet on Arriagada

Yes, but an experienced one

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