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United Kingdom: crushing defeat for Boris Johnson’s party, the president resigns

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative party suffered two major defeats in the legislative elections on Friday, to the benefit of the opposition parties.

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LBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Conservative party suffered two crushing defeats in by-elections on Friday, including in a constituency in south-west England that has been held by the Tories for more than a century.

The Conservatives lost that seat of Tiverton and Honiton to the centrist Liberal Democrats, and the constituency of Wakefield (North of England) was taken by the main opposition party, the Labor Party.


As an immediate consequence of these electoral failures, the chairman of the British Conservative Party, Oliver Dowden, announced his resignation to Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday after a series of “very poor electoral results” including the defeats of the Tories in two partial parliamentary elections on Thursday.

The defeats “are the latest in a series of very bad results for our party”, Mr Dowden wrote in a letter to the Prime Minister, adding that “we cannot carry on as business as usual” and “someone ‘one must take responsibility’.

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