United Kingdom: towards a first state visit to France for King Charles III?

According to a British media, it is in particular the links forged with Emmanuel Macron on the subject of the environmental crisis which would have guided this choice.

Queen Elizabeth II had not traveled abroad for seven years, due to her health. Shortly after his proclamation as the new monarch of the United Kingdom, Charles III is expected to visit several countries around the world. According to information from The Telegraphhe will travel to France for his first state visit.

Still according to the British media, Charles III would have forged links with Emmanuel Macron during the funeral of Elizabeth II, in particular on environmental issues, a subject close to the heart of the new king.

An environmental project at the heart of the visit

The Foreign Office, which has the final say on destinations for royal visits, appears keen to use the monarchy’s diplomatic power vis-à-vis key European neighbors post-Brexit.

A visit to France would also have the advantage, from the king’s point of view, of drawing attention to a major tree-planting program in Africa aimed at combating climate change, which enjoys the support of Charles III and of Emmanuel Macron, reports The Telegraph.

This ambitious project aims to plant a belt of trees across the entire African continent to halt the advance of the Sahara Desert.

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