United States: a gynecologist found guilty of sexual assaults on his patients

Some of his patients were minors.

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Un former New York gynecologist, who had been accused of sexual assaults by dozens of women, leading his hospital to pay more than $200 million in damages, was found guilty on Tuesday in federal court in Manhattan, where he faces life imprisonment.

“Robert Hadden was a predator in a white coat. For years, he cruelly lured into his offices women who hoped for professional medical care in order to satisfy his pleasures,” Manhattan federal prosecutor Damian Williams lambasted shortly after the verdict. He hailed the “courageous women” who testified against him, including some at trial.

The 64-year-old former doctor, who practiced in particular at the Irving Medical Center of the prestigious New York University of Columbia (CUIMC), had been accused by dozens of victims, including minor patients, between the beginning of the 1990s and 2012 .

At the end of the trial, Robert Hadden was found guilty on Tuesday of four counts for which he faces 20 years in prison each. Sentencing will be handed down on April 25.

Mr. Hadden, who had not practiced since 2012, had pleaded guilty in a New York state court in 2016 to lesser charges. He was then stripped of his medical license and placed on the sex offenders register, but the deal saved him from jail.

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