University students encourage the adoption of ‘old’ dogs

Dogs are man’s best friends, but it is the oldest ones who often do not have an adoption opportunity due to their age. Thus was born the social responsibility campaign ‘Patas y Canas’, which aims to find a home for older puppies.

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We are 16 students from the University of Sciences and Arts of Latin America (UCAL) who have come together to carry out this project. We all share a love for dogs and realized that adult dogs are less likely to be adopted and find a home than puppies. The ‘oldies’ also deserve a chance“, Explain the general director of the Génesis Arce Carrillo campaign.

This initiative is developed in partnership with shelters such as’Adopt saves lives’ and ‘My Four-Legged Friend’. In addition, it offers talks with specialists through its social networks.

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This campaign is purely online. We publish photos of the adult dogs, conduct interviews and also mediate with shelters so that more furry ones are adopted”He adds.

Find them on Facebook and Instagram as ‘Pata y Canas’.

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Access to bank credit is becoming easier, due to the wide variety of options that financial institutions present. In addition, it is a good option to start or grow your business.

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Sergio Rivera, ECS commercial manager of Experian Peru, shares four tips to avoid inconveniences when applying for a loan.

1. TAKE INTO ACCOUNT WHAT YOU ASK IT FOR. You must request it with a clear objective and being aware that you assume the commitment to pay it on the indicated date. You can use platforms such as ‘Busca Crédito’ to learn about the options offered by financial institutions.

2. ADEQUATE CREDIT HISTORY. All entities will evaluate your profile together with the size and conditions of the credit you request. Therefore, it is important that you know very well how much is the amount that you can commit to pay.

3. VERIFY THE COMPOSITION OF THE CREDIT. Check the principal, term of the debt, interest rate and additional costs. These elements are essential to have good control.

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4. CALENDAR PAYMENTS. Placing payment dates on a calendar will give you the option to better control your monthly budget.

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