Unknown asparagus woman comes forward: Charles abdicates

The asparagus points to the departure of King Charles.

Long live King Charles III! First words to the nation

After the commercial: Long live King Charles III! First words to the nation


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King Charles abdicates within a year. Fortune teller Jemima Packington, also known as “Mystic Veg”, is convinced of this after throwing a bunch of asparagus into the air and watching them land on the ground.

She is the world’s most famous and only “asparamancer”. With the help of the asparagus, she has succeeded in predicting Brexit, Prince Harry and Meghan’s exit from the royal house and Prince Philip’s death.

In connection with Queen Elizabeth’s death, she made a new asparagus prediction and could see that there will be major changes within the British royal house shortly.

Mystic Veg

Here Mystic Veg throws its asparagus.


Asparagus: “Anne becomes Duchess of Edinburgh”

The asparagus on the table formed, among other things, the letters “A” and “E”. The letters pointed towards each other and “Mystic veg” saw it as a sign that something will happen to Princess Anne.

Based on this, I interpreted it as Princess Anne being made the Duchess of Edinburgh, which would be a wonderful tribute to her father, who she was very close to,” says “Mystic Veg” to Express.

Mystic Veg

Mystic Veg’s asparagus has been right several times.


The shock! Meghan’s demands on Charles – secret letter reveals

It happens when Charles abdicates – according to the asparagus

The spear-shaped vegetables also suggest that King Charles will abdicate and appoint William as regent. According to “Mystic Veg”, it is about age reasons.

Prince William will take over many of the duties of the King and I predict this will happen soon, within the next 12 months.

It should be clarified that the asparagus did not stick correctly every time. “Mystic Veg” has, among other things, been wrong when she predicted the presidential election in the United States and two royal divorces in Great Britain.

King Charles

King Charles.

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