Unreal Engine 5: the Frontier of photorealism in the fan made remake of Red Dead Revolver

After trying to imagine Dark Souls 4 on UE5, youtuber TeaserPlay used the powerful tools of Unreal Engine 5 to make the fan made remake of Red Dead Revolverthe original chapter of the western saga continued with the first and second open world masterpieces of Red Dead Redemption.

The new project carried out by the now famous content creator with a passion for “updated reconstructions” of video games from the past and sequels of the most popular IPs uses the multifaceted development tools of Unreal Engine 5 to hypothesize the graphic aspect and the playful system of a remake of Red Dead Revolver.

Thanks to the extraordinary flexibility of the new iteration of Unreal Engine, it was not difficult for the youtuber to realize this vision by drawing on the many polygonal models present in the Marketplace of the Epic graphics engine. It was then enough to activate the Lumen technology of Unreal Engine 5 and insert some characters, particle effect, animation and asset pack with vegetation and natural elements in photogrammetry to give shape to a hyper-realistic version of the Red Dead Revolver Western Frontier.

Take a look at the latest video packaged by TeaserPlay and let us know with a comment what you think about it; if you love this kind of projects, we advise you to read our one special on Unreal Engine 5 and the best tech demos.

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