“Unter Uns” star – Sarah Stork’s friend missing

When the dream turns into a NIGHTMARE.

Unimaginable drama with Sarah Stork (34): The actress (“Unter Uns”) and WELT author is worried about her boyfriend!

He wanted to fulfill a dream by climbing Charleston Peak. At an altitude of over 3,500 meters, the mountain is located in the US state of Nevada, very close to Las Vegas.

But Stork’s friend has been missing since the hiking tour, has even disappeared. The situation for the TV star? Desperate.

Stork to BILD: “Unfortunately we have not yet got any good news, the search was stopped overnight due to the bad weather and will not resume until tomorrow morning at 8 (Las Vegas local time).”

Sarah Stork was on vacation in Greece with their daughter at the time of her partner’s disappearance. Now she is on her way home to Germany, where she wants to travel to Las Vegas as quickly as possible. Due to the corona regulations, however, the procurement of the entry documents is currently very complicated, as the actress BILD reports.

Sarah Stork was seen in 2013 as Leonie Weidenfeld in “Unter Uns” Foto: picture alliance / Geisler-Fotopress

Sarah is now turning to EVERYONE who can help via Instagram and started an appeal on her social media channel.

In English she writes: “My friend went on a hiking tour on Monday and has been missing ever since. His last GPS signal was on October 12th at 12:28 pm. ”She also gives the last coordinates and a hiking route that he wanted to take.

According to the Vegas news portal “KTNV”, Stork’s friend is 47-year-old Thomas Knack. The local police also ask for any help and advice. Most recently, Knack was said to have been spotted in Las Vegas on Monday and was traveling in a car-sharing car.

Apparently he made his way to the North Loop Trailhead, where his tour began. Girlfriend Stork shared the route across the page Komoot is visible. The route takes 44 kilometers and almost 9 hours, anything but easy.

Charleston Peak is one of the highest mountains in Nevada, Las Vegas is only 45 minutes away

Charleston Peak is one of the highest mountains in Nevada, Las Vegas is only 45 minutes awayPhoto: picture alliance / Bildagentur-online / AGF-Beduschi

Is the area generally considered dangerous?

At least there are not inconsiderable risks.

For example – with strict regulations – target practice is allowed within the Spring Mountains. Wild horses and donkeys are also on the move there. And last but not least, there are the many vertical meters and unpaved paths that Stork’s friend took on.

But since then there has been no trace of him. For Sarah, however, there is currently only fear and hope. For the help of those who will hopefully hear their call.

In 2013, the Dortmund woman joined the RTL soap “Unter Uns” to play the role of Leonie Weidenfeld. After only a few months, she dropped out again due to her pregnancy, later Maria Kempken (38) took over the figure.

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