Untold Stories: “El Gordo Tobi” and Judge Pillaca

While President Pedro Castillo and his government distract us with undemocratic measures, such as the question of confidence presented on Thursday by the lunatic Prime Minister Aníbal Torres, drug traffickers and bad judges do their thing.


Last week a very serious event was revealed that has generated concern and alarm among the entities that fight against drug trafficking: in a hearing that lasted barely an hour and a half!, the judge John Pillaca granted freedom to Jorge Bazán Aguilar, alias ‘Gordo Tobi’, and three of his cronies, who tried to send nearly two tons of cocaine to Europe from Punta Ballena beach, in Máncora.

pillaca is the magistrate who has to resolve tomorrow the request for preventive detention against Vladimir Cerrón for the alleged illegal financing of the Peru Libre party, which led to the presidency Pedro Castillo.

The journalistic denunciation —spread by the well-known journalist Doris Aguirre, from the newspaper ‘La República’— seems to have been taken from one of the the ‘narconovelas’ of acclaimed writer Don Winslow.

At the end of last year, agents from the Orion Group, the elite unit of the anti-drug police, detected the departure of the cocaine shipment from the Valley of the Apurímac, Ene and Mantaro rivers (VRAEM). The cargo arrived in Lima in June and was deposited in a mechanical workshop in La Victoria.

The ‘Fat Tobi’ and his accomplices received it, packed it up, and then went to Máncora in a modern truck. Everything was being recorded by the agents. In the spa, the drug traffickers were living the high life waiting for the arrival of a craft boat that would take the drug to the high seas, where a deep-draft ship would transport it to Europe.

The police decided to intervene and in the mobility they found the complete cache of merchandise. The detainees were brought to Lima and locked up in a police cell. Prosecutor Miguel Cuya requested 36 months in prison. The request was referred to judge Álex Pillaca. It was just a matter of paperwork for them to be sent to jail. Evidence abounded on all sides: recordings and filming of those involved that began in the VRAEM, arrived at La Victoria and then at Máncora. And the main proof: the fences of two tons of cocaine.

What do you think happened? The July 18 the judge Pillaca He gave them freedom with restrictions. The magistrate accepted the argument of the lawyer for the detainees: they were not found in material possession of the drug.

The release was so scandalous that, when the prosecutor appealed to a higher court, the magistrates declared the freedom of the accused null and void and ordered a new trial with another judge. But for the pure: the drug traffickers have already gone up in smoke and nobody can find them.

Judge Pillaca is still orondo in his position. The power of drug trafficking knows no limits. See you the other Tuesday.

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