Untold stories: Juan Silva, good cops vs. bad bosses

BY: MIGUEL RAMÍREZ / Investigative journalist

The scandal over the flight of the former Minister of Transport, John Silva, keep going. In the two police agencies responsible for that escape, things are still the same or worse than before. Although for the Minister of the Interior, Dimitri Senmachewho is now nicknamed ‘Puro floro’, is to blame for the Public Ministry.

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The two entities mentioned are the Intelligence Directorate of the National Police (dirin) and the Directorate Against Corruption (Dircocor).

In the dirinthe unit that did not do video surveillance on Silva, has been named General Roger Perez Figueroa. Nobody knew that Pérez went to the Government Palace. On October 15 of last year, according to El Comercio, he visited Colonel Wilfredo Bernal Rabanal, chief of security for Peter Castle. A police source assures me that Bernal was the link for him to enter, but Pérez finally met with the president. Many visitors do the same. They say they will talk to this or that official, but they end up in the presidential office.

In the Dircocor, the other unit responsible for Silva’s escape, nothing happens. Continue as boss, as if nothing had happened, the general Freddy Lopez Mendoza.

What is striking is that a special team has been created in the General Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of the Interior to search for Silva (digimin). Who is the boss of the Digimin? Colonel J.org Cassanovacountryman and, according to what is stated, a friend of Professor Castillo.

What is happening in those intelligence agencies, in charge of capturing the former Minister of Transportation, has created an understandable distrust of the operational agents (from the rank of commanders down) towards their bosses.

“With everything that is happening, it is possible that when we have Silva’s location they will leak the place themselves so that he can escape. We have uncertainty and distrust”an officer who is part of the search group tells me.

Parallel to this, there is intelligence information, according to which the former minister John Silva would give himself up to tell everything he knows about the president castle and the alleged illicit business that both did. That would be, by the way, the only way out for him to avoid a 25-year sentence.

Will that be enough for the congressmen who oppose the vacancy to decide to support it? are you willing Vladimir Cerron and his Free Peru party to lower the finger to Castillo? Cerrón, by the way, maintains an ambiguous position regarding the accusations made against the president. “The party is not governing”, wrote a few days ago.

Another version maintains that the government would have abandoned Silva. A few days ago, the Police raided a precarious home in Carabayllo where he found his passport! But that could also be a red herring to hide his true location.

Will Silva dare to checkmate peter castle, his ex-buddy whom he knew since they were in high school? See you the other Tuesday.


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